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Antoine Evans, Co-Founder of Taleville

Antoine Evans

Antoine Evans, raised in Charlotte County, VA, has been around music and film since childhood. After being a member of band for years in his adolescence, he began producing and engineering for local Hip Hop artists. He gained numerous skills while working behind the boards and thus began a desire to expand his artistic expression.

Twenty years had passed before his love for film and cameras took hold, catapulting him into the realm of filmmaking. Honing his craft by creating music videos for multiple artists lead him to make even more connections and helping to drive him to succeed.

His first short film for Taleville was Broken Mirror in which he was the Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Engineer, Producer and Co-Casting Director. From there, he stepped up his game to be also the Director for his next two films titled Body Shop and A Thirst for Life.  In between all of these films he also worked as the DP for other directors and projects such as Corazón Negro, directed by Lloyd Jose Febles and Behind Her Makeup, directed by Erika Sherman.

With a great eye for detail and the sharp mind of an entrepreneur, Antoine continues to reach his target while focusing on even bigger goals.

Contact information

Phone: 215-909-3918
Facebook: Antoine Evans

Jerome J. Jackson, Co-Founder of Taleville

Jerome J. Jackson

Writer.  Illustrator.  Producer.

Jerome J. Jackson has been doing all three for decades.  As a child growing up in Charlotte County, VA, he became known in his family, school, and community as an artist, able to pencil life onto paper with a creative touch.  Winning numerous awards in his county and region, the expressive teenager had a love for comics, movies, and Hip Hop.

While in high school, he even wrote and costarred in a play for his Drama class and was also on the Forensic team.  After graduating, he attended Virginia Commonwealth University and majored in Communication Arts and Design while minoring in film.  He has written numerous screenplays, including the short films Broken Mirror, Body Shop, and A Thirst for Life.  He was also a Producer, Editor, and Co-Casting Director on those same three projects.

Jerome believes that artist should have a platform to present their work and to connect with others.  He created Taleville with his longtime friend, Antoine Evans to express their creativity while also encouraging other expressionist to connect and hone their own crafts.

Always keeping his eyes on the prize, Jerome continues to work on short films for Taleville and a creating a graphic novel that expands on his visionary pursuits.

Contact Information

Facebook: Jerome J. Jackson