Looking for that perfect opening theme for an awesome short film?
Or maybe just sound effects for a specific scene?

Music and sound effects play an extremely important role in filmmaking, so to make things a little easier we compiled some great sites that will help you complete your work of art!

Pro Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects offers an extensive list of sound effects used by the many award-winning and popular sound design engineers. If you want great sound and are willing to pay for it, this site should be at the top of your list.

Epidemic Sound

With over 35,000 tracks and over 90,000 sound effects, Epidemic Sound has what you need to get your project completed. There are multiple subscription packages to cater to your needs and a free trial to see if you love what you hear.


Mixkit is an awesome website for sound effects and it’s free! Check out the numerous clips of music, photos, sound effects and tons more! Being in a somewhat partnership with Envato Elements, Mixkit offers plenty for creatives to choose from for their projects.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is simply amazing. With a universe of sounds, stock footage, and much more, it is one of the premiere websites for artists looking to add flavor to their work. Whether you’re looking for sounds of birds chirping or short videos of cityscapes and countrysides, Envato will have you covered. Being a site that requires a subscription or money to download specific needs, the quality is outstanding. They also offer a seven-day trial so that customers can see what the experience is like before fully committing to diving into the depths of their work.


If you are looking for a no-to-low cost option for sound effects, then Zapsplat has what you need. With over 100,000 professional sounds to use for your creative desires, this website can really fulfill your needs. Just give credit to those who created the sounds and you will be able to acquire a standard license. If you’d rather not, then you can simply pay to become a gold member. No matter if you’re making a film, podcast, video game, Youtube video or practically anything else, you can download from Zapsplat and get your venture started with a bang!

A Sound Effect

A Sound Effect offers many sound effects and music packages to use for your creative projects. From categories such as Cinematic & Trailers, Animals, Music, and Weapons, this website delivers top-notch material at a reasonable cost. These compiled sounds allow users to get one license for the entire package and be able to start creating once it finishes downloading. Take a look at what they have available and hear your success in the sounds!

Audio Micro

If you’re in need of sound effects and music for a short film or a major motion picture, then Audio Micro has you covered. From a seemingly endless supply of audio, this website will set you up for success! One nice feature is the ability to pay for high quality sound effects on an individual basis so if you have only a need for a lion’s roar then you can find it here. There are many options that even include musical packages full of loops to create your own soundtrack for a film, commercial, or podcast. Check out their options and get started on finishing your artistic goals!


Although Pixabay appears to specialize in stock photos and other images, they have a wealth of sound effects at their disposal. You can sign up and begin downloading from categories such as Film & Special Effects, Nature, People or even Horror! Give credit where credit is due as many sounds come from artists uploading their very own work!


Pond5 is just awesome! They have numerous sounds to use for your creative pursuits and each download comes with its own license to use wherever, whenever, or however you want. And for as long as you want! From thunder to waves, the sheer amount of quality sounds are as abundant as they are useful. You can search certain prices by deciding how long of a duration you desire the downloaded sound effects to be, making it affordable and a unique way for customers to find what they want. They also have footage, music and even 3D models for those needing even more to finish that project!

Sounds Crate

Sounds Crate offers much for those looking to add some flavor to their films, Youtube videos/channels, video games, etc. Any user can login and register to begin downloading a large collection of sound effects and music geared toward the needs and tastes of the work involved. There are tons of useful audio available on this website just needing your creativity to be used!

Free SFX

Free SFX is just as its title is described: FREE SOUND EFFECTS!! This site has a well of helpful audio for those looking to add spice to their work. Simply give credit where your work will be displayed and the sounds are yours to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. For those in need of it, searching the huge library of audio on this site can be a blessing.