Yasiris Alvarado

With multiple roles under her belt, including short films and commercials, Yasiris Alvarado is a rising star in the film industry. She has starred in the feature length film “Love Songs Weren’t Meant to Make You Cry” and short films like “Unexpected” and Taleville’s very own “A Thirst for Life“. To find out more about Yasiris, check out her personal page here or her IMDB page located here!

Gabe Castro

Gabe Castro, a multi-talented writer with many interests, studied Media Production at Temple University, which helped her develop an awesome podcast called Ghouls Next Door with co-host Kat Kushin. She has over 200 episodes on GND and stars in our short film “Broken Mirror“! For more information about Gabe, take a look at her website for Ghouls Next Door and its Facebook Page!

Ricardo Redeross

Being a Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur, Ricardo Redeross certainly wears many hats. While recording numerous underground tracks, Ricardo found the time to star in “Body Shop“, one of Taleville’s first short films! Check out more about Ricardo and his work here!

Gio Drasconi

Gio Drasconi has certainly made a name for himself in the acting ring and in a short span of time too! He has found himself in front of the camera in numerous short films and television appearances, showcasing his natural charisma and confidence. Watch him in such films as “A Wiseguy Christmas” and Taleville’s short film “Body Shop“!

Nina Antanina

Nina Antanina’s ability to capture photos has landed her many clients and followers. With a keen eye for detail and mood, she certainly gives those who see her work an appreciation for her style and talent. Check out her photography page here! But she doesn’t stop there. Nina has also taken her talents from behind the camera and translated it to the front, acting in numerous short films including “Behind Her Makeup“, “Broken Mirror“, and “Body Shop“!

Erika Sherman

Erika Sherman has found herself pretty busy as an actor and a director, showing her talents primarily in comedy, drama, and suspense. She has directed such films as the comedy titled “Behind Her Makeup” and co-directed Taleville’s short suspense film “Broken Mirror“.

Desmond Cruze

Having a natural ability to portray characters that give them a realistic feel, Desmond Cruze has stepped on the scene with a giant’s stride. You will see his potential by simply watching him on the screen. You can check one of his earlier roles now by viewing “A Thirst for Life“.

Kosmos Bye

Kosmos Bye can bring chilling personas to life. But his range doesn’t stop there. He can be the ultimate villain or the inspiring hero, all it takes is a writer and director to give him the route he needs to take his roles. Take a look at one his characters now in “A Thirst for Life“!